If you are unable to submit any of the acceptable documents above, or for more information, see Proof of Citizenship. Personal documents – You must bring all of the following documents: If you do not meet the criteria, you will not be able to apply for the renewal of your passport by mail. You must submit the application for a new U.S. passport (Form DS-11) and related documents in person to an Application Acceptance Center. If any of these cases are true, you will not be able to renew your passport. Instead, you must apply for a new passport in person using Form DS-11. The cost of renewing or obtaining a new passport depends on several factors, such as: you can expedite a passport renewal either by mail or from a regional body. Be sure to check the processing times for each method before choosing which one to use. To have a U.S. passport, you must be a U.S. citizen or U.S.

citizen by birth or naturalization. Complete the application manually. Download the passport application form (DS-11) and instructions and complete the application by hand, or go to a local passport acceptance centre to get a copy to complete. I asked for both a passport booklet and a passport card: you can receive three separate shipments; One with your citizenship documents, one with your newly issued passport booklet and one with your newly issued passport card. You can wait 4 weeks after receiving your passport booklet before receiving a second and third shipment with your passport card and citizenship documents. First passport applications have two basic types of fees: the application acceptance fee and the application processing fee. Passport photos and fees for faster processing are extra. Learn how to charge fees and what you can use to pay them. With the exception of approximately 16 and 17 years of age, all children must apply for a U.S. passport in person at a passport acceptance center. If you are outside the United States, ask your U.S. embassy or consulate what payment methods they can accept.

This applies to the renewal of passports or the application for new passports. To renew your passport in person, you must first make an appointment through the National Passport Information Centre. You can also visit the online pass appointment system. U.S. government agencies will only accept your application if: The application process is the same for the passport booklet or card, even if you want both at the same time. You must appear in person to submit your application. An application for a rapid passport extension by mail takes 2 to 3 weeks. When you request this service, you will have to pay the additional fee of $60 and write „Accelerate“ on the front of the envelope. Note that errors on the form or the submission of unacceptable documents may cause delays in the process.

If you have never had a U.S. passport if you are 16 years of age or younger or if you are not authorized to renew an existing passport by mail, you will need to apply for a new passport in person at the post office. The personal application for a passport extension is only possible under certain conditions. The U.S. government recommends renewing your passport by mail if you are not in an emergency situation. Renewing your passport by mail is safe and easy. To facilitate this process, iVisa.com offers an online passport renewal service. If you use this option, you can submit your application after a few clicks without leaving home. However, if you want to know something about passport renewal: what you should bring with me when I apply personally, we share the latest updates on this topic in this article. You will also learn how to get your new passport with iVisa.com online.

If you need your passport for emergency travel or any other special case faster, you can send your passport application through the Priority Mail Express service® and pay the State Department fee for faster delivery. If you skip the previous questions, you may be missing important passport renewal information: What should you bring with you when I apply in person? We invite you to go back and read about it. To enter the United States at land border crossings or seaports in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda, you can use a passport booklet or passport card. When you receive your new passport, the number on the document is different from the number on your previous passport. Applying for a passport extension is faster and easier than obtaining a new passport because the applicant does not have to appear in person as long as the minimum requirements are met. It is always important to carefully follow the instructions and pay attention to detail to avoid delays in treatment. Renew your passport by mail if it was issued at the age of 16 or older If you are applying for a new passport under a different name than the one included in your previously issued passport, you will need to provide proof of a legal name change on the application form. If your passport does not meet all of these requirements, do not mail your renewal application. You must prepare the same application package as a passport applicant for the first time.

Post offices have set opening hours for passport services. Many need an appointment. Use the Find USPS Locations tool to find the nearest post office that offers passport services. The address to which you send the package depends on how quickly you want to renew the passport. Routine processing of applications currently takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. During your appointment, you will need to provide proof of immediate travel, an expedited fee, and the items listed below to renew your passport. If one of the following categories applies to you, you may have additional requirements for your passport application. Further information can be found on the relevant page. The State Department has rules to prevent children from being issued U.S. passports without the consent of both parents. It also has programs to protect children involved in custody disputes. They strive to prevent one parent from taking a child abroad without the consent of the other parent.

If the name you are currently using differs from the name of your last U.S. passport, you will need to provide a certified copy of the legal name change document. Examples: If routine processing or expedited mail service is not fast enough for you, make an appointment online to submit the application form and supporting documents to the nearest agency. .